Philip Treacy 

for Patek Philippe

director + camera: Mel Yates

editing: Emmanuelle Peri + Mel

grading: Mark Popple

Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 

from a series of vineyard profiles we made in Bordeaux for Harrods

director: Mel Yates

camera, drone, sound + grading: Mark Popple

editing: Mel + Mark

interview: Guy Woodward

Emolyne Cosmetics

video for vegan cosmetics brand

director: Mel Yates

camera: Iain Ovenden

stylist and producer: Mia Yates

grading: Mark Popple

editing: Mel + Mark

City of Glasgow College 

with David Hosken, the construction project director , for Sir Robert McAlpine Capital Ventures

director, camera, sound + editing: Mel Yates

grading: Mark Popple

interview: Will Colvin

Design Pod

social media teaser for a series of podcasts by Hamish Kilburn of Hotel Designs

director + camera: Mel Yates

editing + grading: Mark Popple

Who We Are 

video shot in Saigon for wood furniture manufacturer PGT-Reclaimed, who only use reclaimed materials and chemical-free processes 

director: Mel Yates

pre-production: Zoe Langston-Blass

production: Yung Burden

camera/drone: Mark Popple

sound: Julian Willson

script: Howard Fletcher + Ian Burden

presenter: James Johnston

graphics: San Yetlee

music: John Watson's"The PGT-Reclaimed Song"

editing: Mel + Mark,  grading: Mark

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